Writing Challenge: Re-statement

Writing Challenge: Find at least 5 different way to re-state a simple phrase. First make up a phrase, and then the game is afoot! The re-statements must contain the essence of the original, though they don’t require the exact same words.

If you participate, feel free to leave your examples in the comments!

My Examples:

Original Phrase: The house was quiet.


1. A silence swept through the place.

2. Nothing stirred at the end of McCall lane, and the red brick house that had stood there for over a century remained abandoned, without owner for the better of 13 years, which was a considerable time in light of the property.

3. Silence resounded through the house; and like wind before a storm, it only served to increase the anxiety of Peter’s guests.

4. He tilted his ear towards the door, but heard nothing apart from the grandfather clock.

5. To say the quiet was immense would have been a regrettable understatement. No, the house wasn’t quiet; it was dead.

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