Day #1: 10K words/day

Spoiler alert: this does not have a happy ending.

I set the challenge for myself, and I was going to do it: write 10,000 words every day this week.

So, I woke up. I guzzled a coffee. I turned on my computer. I was ready to go.

Then I realized I had to write with the speed of a gazelle and the strength of… gazelles are strong, right? The strength of a gazelle. I guzzled another cup of coffee. I stared at the screen. Shoe002-731117.jpg

Fortunately, I have an outline of the story I’m working on (it’s a space adventure in the vein of Bridgette Jones’ diary). Just kidding about the Bridgette Jones’ Diary part, not about the space adventure part.

I get to work, hacking away at the words like they are short ribs that need to be braised. I typed and typed. By noon I hit 3,000 words.

It was lunch time. I ate a victorious peanut butter and honey sandwich. I was off pace slightly, sure, but 3,000 words wasn’t bad, so I rewarded myself with a brief 30 minute TV break.

But you know how TV works. I know how it works. We all know how it casts its perfect spell, drawing victims deep into its pixelated frame.

30 minutes turned into 3 hours. I rose from my television coma, puttered about the house, and huffed at myself. “Where’s your will power, sir? Your determination? Focus!”

So, focus I did. I sat down and plopped out another 1,000 words or so. Smiling at the computer, I realized that I deserved another break.

My mind got a little confused here. I think it still considers the word break in the vernacular of a high school girl, meaning it’s over, done, finished.

So, I stopped work for the night. It would’ve been nice to finish this post with a gloat about how I wrote 10,000 words in a  day, but I’m not going to lie to you internet, because you never lied to me.

No, it’s a bit of catharsis- being honest about things, even word counts. And I could make a list of excuses, because (ask my friends) I’m great at coming up with excuses. But I won’t.

And, to be frank, I’m not terribly bummed. 4,000 words in a day is a lot, nothing to be ashamed of. Better than 0 words. Besides, tomorrow’s another day, another opportunity for growth and improvement. Or, as Journey sang, “Don’t stop believing.”

I’ll let you know how day 2 goes. Here’s one useful resource I found:

In the meantime, let me know if you have any tips for writing!

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