Last Day of School

Internet friends!

School’s over. We did it. No more teaching.*

*Until next semester.

Wooohoo! Party!

Here I am, sitting in the classroom on the last day of school. Celebration!!!Photo on 5-25-18 at 1.15 PM.jpg

The kids have all gone home, I’m packed for the summer, and now it’s time to turn off the lights. And leave. That’s important, too.

I don’t know what’s going to happen this summer. In all likelihood it will take a week to catch my breath– this year’s been a complete whirlwind, and part of me wants to go to beach and float out amongst the waves, until they take me to a desert island, where I find true friendship via a beachball named Wilson. Now that’s the life.

I’ll spend time with my little humans (a two month old and a three month old), and I’ll probably start to work out again– look out for tips on how to get super strong. Also, I’m going to WRITE!!! I’m working on a second book in a series. Here’s a link to the first book, called The Narrow World. I’m a solid 11K into the second book, and it’s shaping up v. nicely. If you are into space epics with lasers and giant robots, it may be for you. You can read a bit here.

Any teacher friends out there? How are you guys going to spend your summer? Any regular working folks out there going on a vacation?

In the meantime, Internet friends, I leave you with this:

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