Last Day of School

Internet friends! School’s over. We did it. No more teaching.* *Until next semester. Wooohoo! Party! Here I am, sitting in the classroom on the last day of school. Celebration!!! The kids have all gone home, I’m packed for the summer, and now it’s time to turn off the lights. And leave. That’s important, too. I […]

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Day #1: 10K words/day

Spoiler alert: this does not have a happy ending. I set the challenge for myself, and I was going to do it: write 10,000 words every day this week. So, I woke up. I guzzled a coffee. I turned on my computer. I was ready to go. Then I realized I had to write with […]

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Read This: Cool Articles, Blogs, and Internet Things

https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/8674634/posts/3112 In the article “It’s Always Plan B,” the author briefly discusses teaching in a prison. He begins with the poignant line “Never forget where you are” and ends with “And why you’re there.” http://www.relevantmagazine.com/slices/dad-tried-scare-his-toddler-dressing-darth-vader-things-dont-go-planned This is no article. “It’s a trap!” you might say. But it’s really just a funny video. Just click it. […]

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Fear Not: The Hipster Lives!

A waxed mustache. Dark rimmed glasses. A plaid button down. A bowtie. Jeans with the bottoms rolled up. He mutters something about PBR. Who is this? This, my friends, is the hipster. There have been reports that they are a dying breed. But to quote Severus Snape, “My source told me that there are plans […]

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