Day #1: 10K words/day

Spoiler alert: this does not have a happy ending. I set the challenge for myself, and I was going to do it: write 10,000 words every day this week. So, I woke up. I guzzled a coffee. I turned on my computer. I was ready to go. Then I realized I had to write with […]

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Read This: Cool Articles, Blogs, and Internet Things In the article “It’s Always Plan B,” the author briefly discusses teaching in a prison. He begins with the poignant line “Never forget where you are” and ends with “And why you’re there.” This is no article. “It’s a trap!” you might say. But it’s really just a funny video. Just click it. […]

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Fear Not: The Hipster Lives!

A waxed mustache. Dark rimmed glasses. A plaid button down. A bowtie. Jeans with the bottoms rolled up. He mutters something about PBR. Who is this? This, my friends, is the hipster. There have been reports that they are a dying breed. But to quote Severus Snape, “My source told me that there are plans […]

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